Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Supervillain Blog of the Day

H.R Tucker?  Prepare to feel the Beryllium Bump!  ...uhhhh... you know what?  Let's not call it that.  Works for Colbert but just sounds icky when I say it.

Anyway, he only has two followers so show him some love.

Aquaman has Been Outsourced to China

I am never complaining of breakouts again.

 Song Sheng - called fish boy by locals - began developing scales within days of his birth caused by his lack of pores.
Doctors say because he cannot sweat or lose heat through his skin, it peels away in fish-like scales.
Instead, his family controls his body temperature by laying him in baths of ice.

We here at ROACH understand the problems that come with special needs villains.  We are shown time and time again to be more accommodating than most leagues of exceptional homonids.

Setting a precedent.

 Necessity is the mother of Villainy.  We'll keep a seat chilled for you at the conference table until you're ready, Song Sheng.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time Travel on a Budget

 Hipsters Then

Hipsters Now

ZeFrank has done it again: It's the Young Me/ Now Me photocontest results.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Going to Go Ahead and Take Credit for This

You'll be hearing from my lawyers shortly, das chupa.

Waiting Room Art Aquisitions

ROACH is pleased to announce that we have been in contact with the MOBA and will be featuring its collection in the lobbies of our administrative headquarters on a rotating basis.  We are saddened* to have to incinerate our collection of Mark Rothko originals to make way for these new additions, but everyone agrees that the MOBA collection far exceeds Rothko in terms of skill and technical achievement.

*not really

Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekend Photos

We found this guy by following the shrill cries of "COBRA ATTAAAAAACK".

Beatdown no.1:  Tony Stark has always been a dick.

Beatdown no.2:  Robin did not appreciate my advice about satin capes 
(girlfriend, unless you have a Jiffy Steamer in that toolbelt, don't wear one)

Imminent Beatdown no.3:  Unused to hiw newfound popularity,
Deadpool proves frightened and confused by fangirls.

If you yell "Siths Are Pussies" at a Comic Convention, someone WILL take offense 
(I won this fight-- go me!)



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today in Unflattering Photographs

In the distant future, my mother is busy deciding whether to nag me for spelling "supervillain" wrong, or "Why can't you take a NICE picture, Beryllium?  Honestly, do you expect me to send THIS to your grandparents?  They don't have sub-quantum immerse-o-net, they're still on AOL dial-up*, and all I ask for is a decent picture for them to hang on their wall.  It doesn't look like you're flossing either. Are you getting enough to eat?  You'll be the cellular death of me."

*Yes, a thousand years from now, old people are still using AOL dial-up.  Are you really that surprised?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Perks of Supervillany

So I was walking back from a rally to reinstate Pluto as a Planet (like you do on a typical Saturday) and a man said, with glazed eyes and an obedient mumble "Would you like my pass to go to Emerald City Comic Con?"* and I said "Yes" because it is only polite, if your ability to make people give you thing misfires, to accept whatever it is people bestow upon your person.

So It'll be me AND The Aluminum Chef roaming the 'con tomorrow.

*I'm seriously NOT making this up.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cute Chaser

I'm sorry if the mental image of a well-coiffed your woman being burnt alive in the cockpit of a WWII aircraft while her screams forever echoed in her friends' minds was a bit too much for young readers.

So here's a cute video.

My one hundredth post is about what I'd have expected it would be: cloying yet still horrifying. I've done my job well.

Today in Women with Big Brass Balls

A few more than 1,100 young women, all civilian volunteers, flew almost every type of military aircraft — including the B-26 and B-29 bombers — as part of the WASP program. They ferried new planes long distances from factories to military bases and departure points across the country. They tested newly overhauled planes. And they towed targets to give ground and air gunners training shooting — with live ammunition. The WASP expected to become part of the military during their service. Instead, the program was canceled after just two years.

Reading isn't good enough-- LISTEN to the story.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Night Science

Some people, upon hearing that they've been living in a giant holographic simulation, would be angry, would think their lives up until this moment meant nothing, would demand to be let loose upon the "real world" with a hefty monetary settlement.

I think, if it was new information to me-- which of course it is because this is all completely hypothetical and in no way reflects future scientific findings-- I think the first thing I would ask would be "has it at least been commercially viable?"

What Really Happened to Alice

Wouldn't Imax 3D settle the penis/no penis issue once and for all?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Your Friday WTF

I recently heard that Captain Ozone debuted at Hemp Oil Powered chainsaw at one of Jet City's more beloved outdoor fairs, Hempfest.

This video has nothing to do with that.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ape Radio

Guerilla Grodd just completed his first blogtalk radio show.

Tune in and hear how Grodd got his name, Krampus explain how The White Skull found the FBI on his doorstep, and me be an embarrasingly bad guest by grilling everyone and their mother on their feelings about the RLSV movement.

Oh, and bong kittens.



It's good to see that the pixel monkeys over at have their share of talented science geeks amongst the inflation fetishists, Mary Sues, furries, tracers and MS Painters and.... ah, fuckit.  I'm not putting anymore links in this sentence because it's just too painful to search for this stuff.